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What is Shop in the Clouds?
Shop in the Clouds in an Online store which allows passengers to pre purchase products from the comfort of their own home or even on the run from their mobile device or the AEGEAN App viα and have their purchases waiting for them on board their flight.
How do I order from Shop in the Clouds?
In order to make a purchase you will need to have an active booking with AEGEAN.
Visit or select Shop in the Clouds via the AEGEAN and Olympic Air Website and browse through the available products in our online store.

If you are looking for something specific, you can quickly use the search function  or  browse through the categories to view all products.
By selecting a category from the top menu  you can view the subcategories that will help guide you in finding the available products per category.
By clicking on each product you will have a complete overview with images, a brief description, the price in Euros and Miles along with the corresponding miles earned with each purchase.   

As you browse, you can easily add one or more items to your shopping cart, select size where applicable and review everything at the end.
You can view the items in your shopping cart at any time by clicking on the icon in the top right corner of the menu bar.
When you’re ready to review the items in your cart  select the icon and make any last minute edits before your proceed to checkout.
Payment completion is only possible when you enter your flight details.
What are the acceptable payment methods?
You can pay either via Mastercard/Visa and/or use your Miles+Bonus award Miles.
I completed payment via Shop in the clouds, what’s next?
Upon successful payment you will receive a confirmation email with the order and delivery details.
When and how should I expect the delivery of the products that I purchased?
Your purchases will be waiting for you on board the flight that you selected during your online purchase.

Please note that inflight delivery is currently available only for international flight routes operated by AEGEAN.
What will happen if my flight is cancelled / changed?
In the rare event of flight change or cancellation, you can always cancel your order online through the myorder section. 

Please note that online cancellations are feasible only if the flight departure is more than 48 hours.

If the flight departure is less than 48 hours away then an offline refund process will be needed.

In case of flight cancellation, the miles redeemed for the product purchase will be credited back to the Miles+Bonus member’s account within 20 working days.
Can I modify / edit my order?
No, you can only cancel it online via myorder section.
Can I see the status of my order?
Yes, you can via myorders section.
Can I request delivery of my purchases on another flight?
No, online purchases cannot and will not be re accommodated on next available flight.
What happens in the event that I miss my flight?
If you have requested delivery of a Shop in the Clouds purchase on a flight that you miss, then the products will be returned to the warehouse and a refund process will be initiated.
Can I exchange a product that I purchased on line through Shop in the Clouds?
We are only able to offer refunds at this time.  Exchanges are not feasible.

Find out how to cancel a product purchase online in our Terms & Conditions.
Can I return a product that I purchased on line through Shop in the Clouds?
You are only able to refuse delivery of purchased items and/or proceed with online cancelation from the my orders section at this time.

Find out how to cancel a product purchase online in our Terms and Conditions.
Do you deliver to other locations?
We only offer inflight delivery at this time.
Which flights are eligible for Shop in the Clouds purchases?
Shop in the Clouds in flight delivery is only available on selected international flights.
Can I pay with Cash and Miles simultaneously?
Not at this time.  Currently you can only pay with credit/debit cards or Miles+Bonus award Miles in order to exchange them for products at their whole retail price.
Do I get a receipt /invoice for my purchases through Shop in the Clouds?
Yes of course! Your receipt / invoice will be printed and delivered to you during the inflight delivery process along with your products.
Should I expect any delivery charges for the purchases made via Shop in the Clouds?
Free delivery is available for all products purchased through Shop in the Clouds.
Can I earn miles by shopping through AEGEAN Shop in the Clouds e-shop?
Yes of course! The Miles that can be gained are calculated as 2 times the cost of purchases completed by the Member (1€ = 2 Miles).
The corresponding award Miles will be credited to the Member’s account after the delivery of the product.
Each member must fill in his/her Miles+Bonus member ID in the relevant field at

For the full terms & conditions click here.
Can I spend miles by shopping through AEGEAN Shop in the Clouds e-shop?
Yes of course! Members can redeem their award miles online for products purchased through the AEGEAN Shop in the Clouds e-shop, at a ratio of 1€ = 300 award miles, at their whole retail price. The corresponding Award Miles will be automatically deducted from the Miles+Bonus account at the time of the transaction.

For the full terms & conditions click here.
I earned Miles+Bonus award Miles from my order. Will I lose those Miles if I decide to return the product?
Yes, the award miles earned will be deducted from your account if you proceed with product refund.